Keep your business going in the reality of COVID 19 

We're just beginning to understand the public health impact of COVID-19, and it's difficult to gauge how bakeries, pastries, restaurants and chocolatiers will be impacted over the coming months. What we do know is that the outbreak of COVID-19 and the effects of the public's response will impact all businesses, including the hard-working owners, operators, farmers, delivery drivers, staff, and just about everyone in the food business. 

Some of you have been sharing stories of an uptick in online orders, lost revenue from cancelled events and catering, and even declining profits. Many of you are talking about how it's affecting your staff and how you're changing your business model to keep them in a job.

We're bringing all those efforts together. During the coming weeks, this paper will be updated to provide access to resources and information that can help you manage your business through uncertain times and keep your staff and customers safe.  

As the crisis unfolds day by day, this 'living report' will offer an evolving analysis of people's behaviours, tracking short-term and long-term shifts in the food arena!. 

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