Life after lockdown in the reality of COVID 19


The COVID-19 pandemic is posing a staggering health and humanitarian challenge in all areas of life. But one sector that has been truly devastated is the foodservice and out-of-home one.

We’ve seen operators change their business models overnight turning their hand to delivery, semi-prepared meal kits, selling necessary provisions and of course cooking for frontline workers.

These shifts have happened out of necessity. As we emerge from lockdown, the creativeness, resilience and geniality of the chefs are astounding. The artisanal sector is rising up, and those that have carried on will use this moment to rethink and reset for the COVID-era consumers.

In this handbook, we have put together these top shifts for socialising and enjoying food out of home, where building trust around sanitation and social distancing rules as well as your ability to adapt and innovate will be essential.


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